Benefits of Purchasing a

Cactus Bow Access Ladder

  Variable Trailer Drawbar Mounting Options - 2” (50 mm), 3” (75 mm) and 4” (100 mm) drawbars.
  Suitable for all "Drive On - Drive Off" Boat
  Fast, Safe and Easy, Launch and Retrieval of your boat  on the Boat Ramp – Boat Ramp Etiquette!
No one likes  waiting around at the Boat ramp, waiting, when it’s time to 
Launch or Retrieve
         their boat.

  Innovative Design – Elegant, Compact,  Robust 316 High Grade Stainless Steel

   - Illuminated Non – Slip Ladder Rungs

   - Manual and Automatic “Fold up” Options

   - Ergonomic, Child Safety Lock Protection - Safety Initiative

   - Heavy Duty, treated Canvas Bag Ladder Cover included

   - No Maintenance, Clean, put on the Ladder cover bag and go!

   - For weather protection of your Cactus Bow Access Ladder

   - Anti-glare, during transportation your boat to the Boat Ramp

   A “Safe” Step up To Dry Foot and Solo Boating

          - Easy access to your boat, without having to enter the water at all.

           - Getting your feet, clothing or the inside of your Boat Towing Vehicle wet!.

           - No more:

                           - Climbing slippery wet mudguards.
                        - Climbing winch posts.
                        - Open wound Injuries – putting you at risk to various forms of Contaminants
                         or parasites found in the water around the boat ramp:

                             - Potential Infection due to Blood introduced Bacterium – usually found in
                               warmer waters and throughout the warmer seasons or where
                               effluent is diluted into the water.

                             - Bilge from vessels is released.

                             - Oyster Cuts - when your retrieving your boat – and it becomes a "sail"

                               in the wind, pushing you off the boat ramp.
                             - Stubbing your toes or cutting your feet – on slippery or broken
                               concrete at Boat Ramps, when they are not well maintained.

The following article was written by Professor Bart Currie, it addresses some of the issues of why it is worth purchasing a Cactus Bow Access Ladder and avoiding going into the water at a boatramp.

Professor Bart Currie, is an Infectious Diseases Physician and the Head of the Tropical and Emerging Infectious Diseases Division at the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin. He was interviewed by Claudine Ryan of the ABC in 2010.
Q: Will sea water help heal sores?
A: It might, but there are too many variables to make it a good choice.
Our expert: Professor Bart Currie Published 18/03/2010